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Prakhar Lokmanya News website that focuses on the complexities of state and national politics and problems.

We at Prakhar Lokmanya, understand the ins and outs of the ever-complicated world of politics and the website provides you with in-depth analysis on important issues of change, bureaucracy, policy, development and power. As journalism is considered the fourth pillar of democracy, Prakhar Lokmanya helps you create your own opinion about the current political scenario and become an aware citizen of the country.

Through the website access breaking news, live updates, trending videos and photos of the political world in Marathi. The website also provides special coverage of important events such as elections, political rallies and speeches.

Our experienced correspondents bring you special interviews with important members of the political fraternity like ministers, bureaucrats etc. Read feature articles that provide layered analysis of important political issues in the state.

Through our widespread network of reporters, enjoy extensive coverage of the rural regions of Maharashtra and special in-depth coverage on all the news from major cities like Mumbai,Navi Mumbai Pune, Nashik etc.

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